The MIT Plasma Science & Fusion Center is hiring innovative, motivated, and qualified individuals to execute its mission of accelerating the development of fusion energy. A leader in fusion research, the PSFC is an idea meritocracy with a tradition of relentless innovation and lively, engaging technical discussions.

Along with leading-edge research in a wide range of plasma science and technology disciplines the PSFC is undertaking a new major fusion energy initiative: the SPARC project. In partnership with Commonwealth Fusion Systems, a new startup company focused on commercializing fusion energy, the PSFC will aggressively pursue the engineering development of new, high-field superconducting magnet technology, and then utilize this technology to design, build, and operate the SPARC tokamak, the first demonstration of controlled net fusion energy in human history.

The PSFC is seeking outstanding individuals with a track record of excellence across a wide variety of areas to join its team: technicians, machinists, designers, engineers (mechanical, electrical, power, cryogenic, nuclear), physicists, fiscal officers, and support staff. Successful candidates will work with a stellar team of students, scientists, engineers, and staff on one of the most challenging and important problems facing humanity: the delivery of clean, sustainable, and societal-scale energy on a timeline to combat global climate change.

Our current open positions are listed below. If you do not see an opening that fits your area of expertise and are interested in working with us, please write to us from our Join the Team page.