Tungsten nanostructures in fusion energy devices

Tungsten nanostructures like this one could potentially grow inside future fusion energy devices. Scientists at the Plasma Science and Fusion Center have already shown that these structures can be grown inside Alcator C-MOD, one of the world's leading experimental fusion energy devices right here at MIT. These structures are fragile, posing a potential erosion hazard, and affect the way the plasma interacts with the wall, which could be good or bad. The growth of these nanostructures is being studied at the PSFC in order to learn how to control or prevent these dramatic surface modifications.

This is a stereoscopic movie.  To view the nanostructures in 3D, cross your eyes to bring the two images together, and then refocus on the combined image in the center. 

Topics: Plasma science, Alcator C-Mod tokamak