Abhilash Mathews

Graduate Student




Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts, Expected 2023
Doctor of Philosophy Student in Nuclear Science and Engineering with a focus on Plasma Physics

The University of Western Ontario, London, Canada, 2017
Honours Bachelor of Science in Physics

Awards and Honors

Joseph P. Kearney Fellowship, 2017
Donald R. Hay Prize, 2017
Lorraine Ivey Shuttleworth Continuing Award, 2017
Western International Learning Award, 2016
Lynn Fordham Award in Science and Engineering, 2016


MIT Plasma Science and Fusion Center, 2017 – Present 
Studying pedestal physics in collaboration with international tokamak experiments to improve predictive capabilities of plasma mode transitions in magnetic-confinement fusion devices. Using machine learning techniques and analytic models to better understand enhanced confinement modes/transitions for fusion plasmas.

The University of Western Ontario, 2016 – 2017
Studied coherent radiation in astrophysical environments to elucidate anomalous emissions (e.g. Fast Radio Bursts) and large-scale entangled quantum mechanical systems naturally present in the universe. Developed a Python script and C++ code to solve a set of nonlinear partial differential equations which model superradiance using quantum electrodynamics.

York University, 2015
Designed and optimized an antiproton beam monitor’s dimensions and detection algorithm using CVD diamond for the ALPHA experiment at CERN. Created simulations of thousands of random Gaussian antiproton beams and incorporated noise using Monte Carlo methods with Python. Received Summer Research Poster Award (Faculty of Science).


The Physics and Astronomy Experience (Western)