Alexey Radovinsky

Group Leader, Analyses and Codes, Magnetics & Cryogenics





Ph.D. in Physics and Mathematics, Academy of Sciences of USSR


Electromagnetics; electromechanics; mechanics of solids; thermodynamics; cryogenics; magnetoelastic and acoustoelastic interactions for superconducting and normal magnets.


Design, numerical and analytical static and dynamic modeling, and optimization, eddy current and circuit analyses, magnetic, structural, thermal, and thermohydraulic analyses of various electromagnetic systems.

  • Electromagnetics: Design, modeling and optimization: solenoids, racetracks, double helix, quadrupoles, iron, permanent magnets, steady state and transients, eddy currents, inductive charging; SC conductor: stability, quench, quench detection and protection, temperature margins; Voltage on insulation; Beam dynamics; Electrostatics; Tolerances: manufacturing, assembly, field verification and adjustments procedures; Fault analyses; Passive and active shielding; SC joints;
  • Structural: Static and dynamic analyses, design and optimization of magnet support structures; Pressure vessels; Conductor integration;
  • Thermal and Cryogenics: Pool boiling, conduction cooled, forced flow, thermal siphon, cryocoolers; Cryocooler fast couplers, in-situ fast servicing; Radiation shields; Current leads; Cold mass support; CICC hydro-thermo-magneto simulations;
  • Magnetomechanics. Levitation: EDS maglev, controlled dipole; Propulsion: LSM and LIM; Mechanical stability and control; Track switches: passive and active; Vehicle suspension: design and control; Maglev ride quality; EM drivers.


6 US patents


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Radovinsky, A.L.; Minervini, J.V.; Michael P.C.; Bromberg, L.; Miller, C.E. “Variable Energy Acceleration in a Single Iron-Free Synchrocyclotron,” PSFC MIT Report, PSFC/RR-13-9, September 5, 2013