Gregory Wallace

Research Scientist





BSc, Electrical Engineering, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (2003)
PhD, Applied Plasma Physics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2010)


RF and microwaves; non-inductive current drive; tokamak operation.


In conventional tokamaks, the toroidal current needed to stabilize and confine the plasma is provided by magnetic induction, much like an AC transformer with the plasma as the secondary winding. This is a simple way to drive current in a pulsed device, but cannot be used to sustain the plasma in steady-state. It is possible to drive current in the plasma non-inductively through the application of high power microwaves. These microwaves push electrons preferentially one direction to generate an asymmetric electron distribution function, and thus a net current. Lower Hybrid Current Drive (LHCD) uses waves in the low GHz range of frequency launched by a phased array of waveguides at the plasma edge to drive current in the plasma. Tokamaks have used LHCD with considerable success since the 1980’s, however significant challenges remain in driving current at the high density and building an antenna that will survive the energetic particle fluxes anticipated in fusion reactors. Research at the PSFC is aimed at addressing these challenges, for instance by moving antennas from the conventional location on the low field side (large major radius) to the high field side (small major radius) of the torus.


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