Steven D. Scott

Visiting scientist (PPPL)





B.S. Princeton University (1976)
Mathematical Tripos Part III, Cambridge University (1977)
Ph.D. Nuclear Engineering and Applied Plasma Physics, MIT (1982)


I collaborate with PSFC staff to operate a Motional Stark Effect (MSE) diagnostic on the Alcator C-Mod tokamak, which measures the radial distribution of current in the plasma. These measurements are used during Lower Hybrid Current Drive (LHCD) to benchmark numerical simulations of LHCD physics.

I have interests in plasma transport studies of particles, momtentum and heat, including non-dimensional scaling studies and isotope scaling.


Non-astigmatic imaging with matched pairs of spherically bent reflectors, US 8217353 B1, granted 7/10/2012.

A computerized method and system for a secure on-line transaction using cardholder authentication, WO 2002025495 A1, granted 3/28/2002.