Syun’ichi Shiraiwa

Research Scientist





Sc. D., Graduate School of Science, University of Tokyo (2007)
Department of Physics, Graduate School of Science, University of Tokyo (1995-1999)
Department of Applied Physics, School of Engineering, University of Tokyo (1991-1995)


RF heating; current drive.


S Shiraiwa, G Baek, PT Bonoli, IC Faust, AE Hubbard, O Meneghini, RR Parker, GM Wallace, JR Wilson, RW Harvey, et al. Progress towards steady-state regimes in Alcator C-Mod. Nuclear Fusion, 53(11):113028, 2013.

S Shiraiwa, O Meneghini, RR Parker, G Wallace, J Wilson, I Faust, C Lau, R Mumgaard, S Scott, S Wukitch, et al. Design, and initial experiment results of a novel LH launcher on Alcator C-Mod. Nuclear Fusion, 51(10):103024, 2011.

S Shiraiwa, J Ko, O Meneghini, R Parker, AE Schmidt, S Scott, M Greenwald, AE Hubbard, J Hughes, Y Ma, et al. Full wave effects on the lower hybrid wave spectrum and driven current profile in tokamak plasmas. Physics of Plasmas, 18(8):080705, 2011.

S Shiraiwa, K Hanada, M Hasegawa, H Idei, H Kasahara, O Mitarai, K Nakamura, N Nishino, H Nozato, M Sakamoto, et al. Heating by an electron bernstein wave in a spherical tokamak plasma via mode conversion. Physical review letters, 96(18):185003, 2006.

S Shiraiwa, S Ide, S Itoh, O Mitarai, O Naito, T Ozeki, Y Sakamoto, T Suzuki, Y Takase, S Tanaka, et al. Formation of advanced tokamak plasmas without the use of an ohmic-heating solenoid. Physical review letters, 92(3):035001, 2004.

Talks & Media

Invited talks

2015 April “Impact of edge plasmas on Lower Hybrid Current Drive: Experimental evidence, mitigation and modeling approaches “ 21st Topical Conference on RF Power in Plasmas (Arrowhead, CA, USA)

2011 Nov. “Progress in LHCD modeling and experiments towards AT regime on Alcator C-Mod”, 21th International Toki Conference (Toki, Japan)

2009 Nov. “Plasma wave simulation based on a versatile FEM solver on Alcator C-Mod” 51th APS-DPP (Atlanta, GA, USA)

Journal cover

Physics of Plasmas 2011 August